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comillasWe are dedicated to take care of you with maximum security.


When you choose someone to travel, you want a company who you can trust now and in the future, your benefit from working with our team of experts in the travel industry will help make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible.

Dedicated to quality  

We constantly monitor each and every trip, but not by quality. We know you want a service in exchange of your money and we try to provide only fair. You can contact us by phone or email 24 hours a day, this means you always have the opportunity to speak with someone who can answer your questions quickly and efficiently.


All our units will use the latest technology of Global Positioning System (G.P.S.). Money will be invested heavily in the latest technology to help us meet the requirements of our customers. Technically our units will be at the forefront with every innovation. Remember, we have the control to make the purchase from our home itself completely safely.


All our drivers are licensed and inspected by the local council and must pass a knowledge test before licensing them. In addition, all drivers will be trained in the use of our computer system and customer service expectations by our internal trainers. Our drivers consistently delivered to individuals, groups, companies, etc., reliable service. They give each driver a connection number of single system and hire the number so that we know who drives any vehicle at any given time, and exactly where they are. Daily 365 days a year.


Our baggage policy is up to the maximum capacity of our units, if you have about luggage organize your collection and adapt your trip according to your needs. Please call (1700) Aerocar for special instructions for your luggage.

Seats (Headquarters) Car for kids and pets

While laws vary in the airport Aerocar support the highest standards of safety, we recommend that children under 5 years must be secured in a child restraint, so that they settle in transportation. It is the responsibility of parents to children, provide Child restraint system to transport children in our units. In the case of not having, these restraint systems Aerocar provide.


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